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Medicine I* ($70) Specifically designed for clients seeking prevention, physical rehab and/or surgical recovery! Includes safe movements, focused breathing & proper technique for body integrity, wellness, and recuperation. Medicine I Physical Health Assessment required*.

Medicine II* ($70): See also Aromatherapy Restorative, integrating subtle energy healing through body and breath awareness, meditative movements, visualizations and energy center (chakra) associations! Deepen your mind/body connection and harmony. Medicine II Health Assessment required*.

Medicine III* ($70): An holistic approach to wellness with journaling; involving body, energy, mind, intellect, and spirit. Feel the effects! For clients feeingl stuck, have a major diagnosis or more than one. Holistic Health Assessment is required*.

Thai Touch ($70) For those seeking a relaxing experience with touch and facilitated movement to renew mind, body & spirit! Rest and relax in Restorative poses during this session. Feel the beneficial effects of therapeutic touch throughout your body. Add $5 for essential oils!

Aromatherapy Restorative ($70) Utilizes essential oils on the feet, head and seven major power centers (chakras) of the body for increased health and wellness! Spiritual, physical, energetic, mental and intellectual associations conveyed during poses (asana). Feel the benefits of AromaTx at each chakra (energy center).

Restorative ($60) Seven poses (asana) that are calming, relaxing & supported with meditative music and energy center (chakra) correlations including anatomy of bones & muscles, responsibly protected principles of a happy blissful spirit, healthy physical body, powerful emotional energy, wealthy mature mind, and wise intelligent intellect; like a gentle massage from the inside out.

Movement Restorative ($60) Like a more rigorous massage from the inside out with seven poses (asana) that repeat seven times inclusive of energy center correlations!

Partner* ($48): Enjoy yoga with someone you trust (one mat format). Flowing movements, optional stacking poses like double plank, balancing poses hip-hip, wrapped in stretching poses that offer adjustment & support or add 20% to any other session for a partner yoga experience.


Personalized, All Day & Weekend Retreats ($175 & $350): An all inclusive weekend stay at Studio 18A provides intensive yoga with a view (YT(T) Video With Katie A.). Outdoor trainings are available, consultation, assessment(s), and personalized sessions with vegan meals. See Personalized Retreat Page (PERSONALIZED RETREAT) for specifics!


Aerial (40): Float in pose (asana) supported by a hammock style cloth! Easily invert, stretch, balance, and strengthen. Flow through asana with an easy swing!

Balance* ($40): Balance enhances proprioception, the bodies awareness in space, while poses also strengthen and stretch; making dream poses a reality!

Basic ($40): This most popular session incorporates the benefits of yoga to improve performance, body function, weight control and prevent injury etc.. Includes, flowing movements, salutations & poses for strength, balance & flexibility with touch for adjustment and relaxation responses.

Board ($40): A fun game for all levels! Celebrating life while waging peace with responsibly protected principles for a happy blissful spirit, a healthy physical body, powerful emotional energy, a wealthy mature mind, and a wise intelligent intellect. Bliss be!

Chair ($40): Yoga with a chair for disabled persons. Intended to increase range of motion and provide support for centering, strengthening, balancing, stretching and relaxing.

Flexibility* ($40): Helps unwind and improve flexibility throughout your body; try this session for improvements.

Fun ($40): Session begins by teaching about our responsibilities to one another and ourselves. Includes fun games like Yoga, Yoga, Pose (Duck, Duck, Goose) and choo-choo breath (kapalbati), animal poses for posture, strength, balance and flexibility along with a final relaxation known as the Angel Game. Laughter is the best biproduct!

Hot ($40): Sweat is the best biproduct of this session. Heated Yoga in a warmed room. Feels good!

Hybrid (($x+$y+$z)/3): Choose a mix of any two or more Sessions! Add the prices and divide by the amount of sessions in the mix. Examples include Vinyasa (Movement) + Restorative ((40+50)/2) = $45 and Basic + Mysore ((40+10)/2) = $25!

Kriya ($40): Fast paced aerobic conditioning movements set to music.

Lift ($40): Training with weights, increases muscle, metabolism (fat burning), optimism, and bone density, decreases bad stress.

Mysore Style ($10 & $20);:Enjoy what you know without being told. This unique yoga style for advanced yogins lets the practitioner decide. Enjoy choosing asana (poses) from previous sessions and/or knowledge and intuition. Let your feel be your guide, while the teacher sits aside.

Nidra ($40): Calming, relaxing & restful savasana (relaxation pose) with meditative music; a mind massage of the microcosm within. Keeping conscious, present in the moment is a gift!

Outside ($40): Train out in nature. The elements of sunshine, nature sounds, and fresh air improve vibrant well being. Transcend, be unlimited!

Power* ($40): Vinyasa style with continual flowing movements. A breath for each strength, balance and flexibility pose (asana) with a restful and calm final relaxation (pratyahara).

Run, Hike, Walk ($40): Yoga with running, hiking, and or walking begins with movements to prepare the body. Next, tour the mountain(s) and or town via trails and or streets. Stop along the way to see the view and strengthen. Choose another special place for balancing poses and finally, return to YT(T)@Studio 18A to stretch and enjoy a Final Relaxation (Savasana) and meditation.

Slow Flow ($40): Coordinates breath and movement, with or without music, following the bodies rhythms improving strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation at a slow easy going pace.

Sport Specific ($40): Whatever your fortay, in whatever way you like to play this yoga session has the answers for keeping your body strong, balanced, and flexible! Attending to the key issues of your body & sport and or work. Try this sessions focusing on what is important to you!

Strength* ($40): Strengthens your body for holding yourself strong, utilizing progressions for continual improvements; mission possible!

Vinyasa ($40): Continual Flowing Movements (vinyasa) created from poses (asana)! A breath for each movement. Inhale open and lift, exhale hinge and relax!

Yin ($40): Hatha (physical) poses (asana) for improved patience (santosha). Open and relax with breath awareness (pranayama). Cultivate greater depth in practice.


Monthly ($20): This option for community participation is a regular outdoor practice. Also at Satellite Venues, especially helpful in meeting the demands of work. Sessions formatted for strength, balance, flexibility, and stress reduction.

Class Above (Free): Included with a Monthly Membership or scheduled weekly appointments. Class is held outside Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 1:00-1:30 PM, and Tuesdays, Thursdays 5:30-6 PM. Embrace Movement Monday, Strengthen Tuesday, Wednesday's Balance, Flexibility Thursday, and Fun Friday with outdoor gear on!


*Basic Assessment ($30): Periodized quarterly for strength, balance and flexibility, includes weight, body fat %, hydration & bone density levels, body measurements, blood pressure & pulse readings. Provides base line and tracks progressions for technique, form and time or measurements.

*Medicine I Assessment ($35): Use of body diagrams, visual, movement and touch analysis to assess posture, alignment, tightness and pain. Thus, establishing guidelines for pose (asana) recommendations and breathing (pranayama) to improve body integrity.

*Medicine II Assessment ($35): When chakras are out of balance the shape, spin, speed and spacial orientation of these power centers effects the energy of our bodies. Choose this assessment as the 1st step to countering misperceptions and relieving blockages for optimal health, wellness and performance.

*Medicine III Assessment ($35): A Comprehensive holistic health report describing yourself; including your network of healthcare practitioners, their diagnosis and your concerns. Reviews systems and medical history. Provides complimentary and alternative therapy charts as well as pain threshold, sleep and physical activity self-assessments, nutritional intake questionnaire, social history, life schedule and concludes with spiritual/emotional observations as well as a lifestyle evaluation.

*Strength, Balance and Flexibility Asses. ($30): Similar to Basic Asses. measuring specificly for strength, balance or flexibility.

*Assessments may be necessary and are highly recommended


For every hour of instruction receive one continuing education credit! Every 16 hours of Continuing Education is a completed workbook. Education includes:

Teaching Methodology ($30): Ensure student safety and comfort! Choose an atmosphere with lighting, music and yoga props. Care about compassionate verbal and nonverbal cues with voice quality and tone along with appropriate body language for adjustments. Use teaching aids for kinestetic, auditory and visual learners!

Techniques, Training & Practices ($30): Use the 8 Limbs for strength, balance and flexibility of mind body and spirit! Turn intentions (sankulpa) into realities by cultivating principles, proprioceptive poses, breathing techniques, accomplished relaxation, focus, and meditation towards perfection. Feel the effects!

Anatomy & Physiology ($30): Energy center associations are a fun, interesting way of learning about our minds, bodies, and spirits! Chakra (energy) anatomy associations correlate with the coccygeal (root), sacral (hips), solar (abdomen), pulmonary/cardiac (heart), pharyngeal (throat), and cerebral (brow) plexi along with the top cortex (crown). Delving into physical anatomy through energy anatomy is an adventurous journey helping us understand the physical and subtle ways our bodies respond!

Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle ($30): Learn the culture of connection (yoga) through mind, intelligence, body, energy, and spirit with your truest sense of self as blissful light and love! Know anything is possible, believing in yourself and others. Live and let love, waging peace while celebrating life!

More About Pricing

Pricing Based on 45 min. Therapy Sessions & hour long Training sessions 30 minute sessions (-30%), 45 min. sessions (-15%) and 90 min. sessions (+30%) etc..

Group of Two (+20%) Add twenty percent to the listed price of a session.

Group of Three (+30%) Add thirty percent to the listed price of a session.

Group of Four (+40%) Add forty percent to the listed price of a session.

Group of Five + (+50%) Add no more than fifty percent to the listed price of a session.

In Home or Other Place of Agreement (+ 10%, 20%), add 10-20% to the listed price to train in the comfort of your own home or other place of agreement within the Helena area adding 10% to the price of a session within city limits, and 20% to the price outside of city limits. Sessions in another MT City outside of 50 miles add 50% to the price of Session(s)

Seniors Discount (-10%) 70 years and older

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