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Please attend virtually by web and or as you are able, utilizing precautions!

For your safety amidst disease Yoga Training (Touch) shares the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations including: social distance by 3', regularly wash hands (20 sec.), stand (tadasana) every 30 min., don't smoke, cough (sneeze) into your elbow without touching your face, without alcohol (mind altering substances) & abstain from sugar drinks (sugar).

Helena, MT, US

Certified Yoga Therapy at Yoga Training Touch established in 2009, licensed in the State of Montana in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Americas. The Home Studio and Personalized Retreat at the Lower Level of 18 South Harrison is located near the base of Mount Helena. YTT provides Therapy, Lifestyle,Training, Adventure Sessions, Retreats & more. A low cost Community Outreach Outdoor Membership option is also available. Sessions are provided by a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) who from Yoga Journal's Yoga Warrior event philanthropic to Veterans Yoga Project is participating in mshealthandfitness.com/2022/kathryn-an helping fund Wounded Warrior Homes, please click the link to vote. She provides professional instruction in a where anyplace of agreement is worthy; Sessions are by appointment and may also be provided in the privacy of your own home, another place of agreement and or over the web. Please, contact Yoga Training Touch CONTACT US/SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT or simply text (406)461-8845 and experience, for yourself the beneficial effects of, personalized, insured, registered, and certified yoga therapy and instruction!


60 min. Sessions for the price of 45 min: Through July

Outside Yoga Membership: First Month 1/2 Price = $10/month. Initially by appointment call or text 406-461-8845, by class times when set. Billed monthly. No refunds, cancel anytime. Regularly $20/month; community outreach.

On Going: 1st Time Patron/Annual Client = Purchase 3 (Sessions) and get 1 free (Assessment).

Percent Discount%: Students & Senior Citizens - 5% from purchases.

Pay by Tab Discounts:

  • Prepay $600+, receive a 5% discount per Session
  • Prepay $1200+, receive a 10% discount per Session

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Map & Directions


Parking at Yoga Training (Touch) & Retreat, near the base of Mount Helena!

Check outthe directions page. Arrive safe and on time for your upcoming appointment @ YT(T) Home Studio and Personalized Retreat!